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frequently asked questions

why didn't i get a text tn?!

Zoom University was up and running with thousands of matches being made every day until April 12 when we went viral on tiktok and our servers completely crashed 🥺👉👈

the only way to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of high school & college students we have can all match at the same time was by building a mobile app. we started building it April 13 and are aiming to go live again around April 24. You can get it here: 

is Zoom University free?

yes. it always has been and always will be. apple just has a weird way of wording their pre-released apps by saying "pre-order"

if i'm in high school can i use Zoom University?

yes! we’ve had so much interest from high schoolers that we added it to our platform. the app will now require your age to sign up. we will be matching everyone 18 & over in one pool, and everyone under 18 in a different pool. 

what if i don't live in the US?

unfortunately, the SMS platform we are using does not support international numbers. but we found a hack around it. 

step 1: make sure you are able to pre-order or download the app from the app store by clicking HERE

step 2: when you're signing up in the app and need a US phone number/verification code, create a phone number by using a service like TextPlus

then you'll be good to go! just make sure you enable push notifications for when we go live 

when will you add lgbtq functionality?

while building Zoom University, we had no idea it'd blow up this quickly nor did we have the resources necessary to create a reliable and trusted algorithm for all genders/sexual orientations (it’s extremely complex technically speaking). that being said, building an lgbtq inclusive app is our top priority moving forward

what if i have an android?

there was no way we would've been able to create an apple and android at the same time. given most of our users were iPhone users, we decided to build that first. creating an android version for the google play store is on the near horizon and we will notify our users via SMS when that releases.


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